‘Bananas For Breakfast’ updated

I have added Google+, my Myspace GOTGE Mix and my (as yet, still embryonic!) YouTube Channel to the row of social media icons in the BFB heading, with the ‘health warning’ that, in the course of setting up the GOTGE Mix back in the Summer of last year, I encountered four Valérie Čižmárová songs that somehow became entered under the wrong title. Here are the offending items, followed by, in parenthesis, the songs that they in fact really are.

‘Huascarán’ (‘Tikot všech hodin’)

‘Žár léta’ (‘Čekám’)

‘Náhodou’ (‘Potlesk’)

‘Sunny’ (‘Léta letí’)

I hope the wrong titles don’t spoil your enjoyment of playing the GOTGE Mix! (Which will, no doubt, be added to as time goes by)


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