Boldog 40. születésnapot, ‘Čas má rychlý krok’ és ‘On se ti vráti’!

‘Čas má rychlý krok’ (‘Time Has A Quick Step’) and ‘On se ti vráti’ (‘He’s Coming Back To You’) are both turning forty today! –  Valérie Čižmárová having recorded these songs at Mozarteum on 18th June 1977.

In the case of the former, the music was composed by Zdeněk Barták, with lyrics from Jaroslav Machek. Instrumental accompaniment came from Studiový orchestr (The Studio Orchestra), under Jan Hrábek, with backing vocals from Bezinky.

In the case of the latter, the music was composed by Miroslav Paleček, with lyrics from Vladimír Poštulka. Instrumental accompaniment came from Pražské smyčce (The Prague Strings), also under Jan Hrábek.

The following two videos featuring ‘Čas má rychlý krok’ come, variously, from ‘Jak se vám líbí’ (‘How Do You Like’), originally broadcast on 5th September 1980 (with an introductory interview with Valinka’s famous fan, the actor, Vladimír Menšík) and ‘Muzikanti, co děláte?’ (‘Musicians, What Are You Doing?’), originally broadcast on 4th November 1995 (with Valinka being interviewed about her life and work by that contemporary female star, Petra Černocká).

It is interesting to note that, if I am translating the Czech correctly, one of the interviewees on ‘Jak se vám líbí’ makes reference to Valinka’s Hungarian-speaking heritage, remarking that she was a pleasant enough singer but that she was Hungarian, surely!

I am wondering how common an impression that was about Valinka amongst the general public of Czechoslovakia – that she somehow wasn’t a ‘proper Czechoslovak’.


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