Boldog születésnapot, ‘3.program Orchestru Karla Vlacha’!

As well as it being Helena Blehárová’s 30th birthday (marked today at ‘Girls Of The Golden East’)  one shouldn’t also forget that 28th June 1973 was the day on which ‘Pojď jen dál’ (‘Just Come On’) was broadcast on ‘3.program Orchestru Karla Vlacha’ (‘3rd Programme Of The Karel Vlach Orchestra’), in which Valinka rarely looked and sounded much lovelier, making that day quite an occasion for the two great Soul Ladies with a Jazz-singing background from the Slovak part of the former Czechoslovakia who went away to make their musical fortunes in the Czech part thereof.

Despite the very attractive ‘visuals’ in the video, now I actually have this record on vinyl it’s beginning to leap out at me what a fabulous tune and song this is, even without the aforementioned – very good keyboard work from the player in the Karel Vlach Orchestra in the closing stages of the song.


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