Byl 26. srpna 2015…

…which is Czech for ‘It was 26th August 2015’…when I first heard the name ‘Valérie Čižmárová’, after which my life could never be the same again…for all the right reasons!

So, of course this date will forever be celebrated at ‘Bananas For Breakfast’.

Valinka took my breath away then and thanks to fellow members of the ‘Valérie ČIŽMÁROVÁ’ Facebook Group busily tracking down interesting photos of Valinka – in this particular instance, Jan Fiala – she continues to do so, via this absolutely thrilling action shot on stage at the Bratislavská Lýra of 1969 (since 26th August is very much about beginnings, for me personally in respect of Valinka, anything from the beginning of Valinka’s career would be totally fitting on this date) where she sang her first single; a Slovak-language version – with lyrics by Ali Brezovský – of Bobby Hebb’s ‘Sunny’.


So, to bring this image thoroughly to life – as if it hasn’t already got enough life about it! – here is what she would have been singing at the time the photo was taken – accompaniment here by Ivo Moravus and his Orchestra.

What an utterly captivating seventeen-year-old!

…and what a two years this has been for me!


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