Nový album od Valinky!!!

That’s a ‘New album from Valinka’ in Czech!

Hot off the ‘Valérie ČIŽMÁROVÁ’ Facebook Group press is the news that Valinka has a new downloadable album out on the ‘Radiotéka’ site of Český rozhlas (Czech Radio), ‘Dívám se, dívám’, (‘I Am Looking, I Am Looking’) consisting of recordings for radio – some at Československý rozhlas Praha (Czechoslovak Radio Prague).


This is very good timing on account of my happening also to have stumbled across details of the architect of the building on Vinohradská just today as well!…

…who was Bohumil Sláma, the building being formally opened on 10th December 1933….

…thanks to a new Facebook Friend sharing a video of a British Pathé newsreel, a still from which is shown below.

It certainly sounds a building with a very turbulent past, especially in between the dates of 5th and 9th May 1945, as Prague moved towards eventual liberation from Nazi occupation, when a huge battle erupted in the surrounding streets between the local population with the assistance of some Czech soldiers and police officers and the occupying forces. The still gives a flavour of the drama of this event.


The sense of personal immediacy is accentuated here by the fact that – in my brief stay in Prague in January this year – I used to pass by this very building every one of the four days I was in the city on the way between my hostel and the city centre. Here is the photo I took for the purposes of comparison with the still above.


I still find it somewhat difficult to believe that one would have to go back to only just over two years ago to find a point in time at which I had not even heard the name, ‘Valérie Čižmárová’ and here I am in the midst of the ‘club’, getting all the inside ‘goss’ and banging out the latest news on her in my Blog and conversing – as best as I can! – in Czech with other members of the ‘club’. Furthermore, don’t forget that, by that time, I also wouldn’t have considered writing a Blog on Female Pop of the former Eastern Bloc.

It is probably a testament to the awesome power of Valinka – not forgetting her fellow ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ – that all this has been possible.


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