Boldog születésnapot, ‘Láska na dlani’ és ‘Náhodou’!

‘Láska na dlani’ (‘Love On The Palm Of Your Hand’) and ‘Náhodou’ (‘By Chance’) were both recorded on 24th September 1973 – the former in a duet with Richard Kybic (music by Pavel Skalický and lyrics by Pavel Žák) and the latter solo (music by Jan Hrábek and lyrics by Miroslav Černý), with instrumental accompaniment, in both cases, from Skupina Svatopluka Čecha, so it is a ‘Happy Birthday!’ to those two tracks today.

In the image immediately below, in the background with Valinka, is the Skupina Svatopluka Čecha, who brought their five-month-long recording stint with Valinka at Mozarteum to a close with these two recordings – perhaps one of the most memorable musical collaborations in the history of the Pop Music of Czechoslovakia….if only for the brevity and intensity of it.

Unfortunately, there is still no YouTube video that can be embedded of ‘Náhodou’, but ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ readers may like to take a look at Valinka performing that song in a TV show from the following year at the ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Pictures’ page of the Blog, where there is also a reference to the aforementioned collaboration with Skupina Svatopluka Čecha.


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