Boldog születésnapot, ‘Můj chlap’!

Which is a ‘Happy Birthday!’ to Valinka’s ‘Můj chlap’, recorded on 17th December 1979 – Music, Achim Reichel; Lyrics, Jaroslav Machek; Accompaniment, Pražské Smyčce, conducted by Jan Hrábek.

This had been originally released, as ‘Wild Widow’, in 1976, by that somewhat exotic a combination – in a similar manner to Valinka’s own origins – a Dane born in the Bahamas and having lived in the DDR, Etta Cameron, with the original lyrics by the ‘Baccara man’, Frank Dostal – making that a connection, also, with Valinka’s ‘Tak se pozná dáma’, which had originally been released as Baccara’s ‘Sorry I’m A Lady’.

All this goes, as has been alluded to previously in GOTGE, to show that Valinka was indeed one of the blondest, ‘blackest’ singers ever, if she was covering an artist like this. Furthermore, although she clearly performed songs in English and was born in the British Commonwealth it is strange to report that, in terms of artists associated with Frank Dostal, the name Baccara is probably more familiar to people in the UK than Etta Cameron would be likely to be.

There is always something melancholic about the super-late material from the very late 1970s and early 1980s – a feeling of what could have been had, say, the album-that-never-was of Hungarian-composed Rock ‘n’ Roll actually come to fruition. ‘Můj chlap’ demonstrates that the incandescent talent that emerged onto vinyl as a seventeen-year-old in 1969 was still burning brightly in 1979 at twenty-seven – yes TWENTY-SEVEN. What a young age to be singing swan songs!

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