Boldog 40. születésnapot, ‘Belfast’!

It’s not very often that one says ‘Happy 40th Birthday!’ in Hungarian to the capital of Northern Ireland, but today is one of those exceptions to that rule.

If ‘Silvestr na přání aneb Čí jsou hory Kavčí?’ (‘New Year’s Eve On Request Or Whose Are The Kavčí Hory?’) had been a live show on 31st December 1977 Valinka needn’t have waited too long to be in action again, because, just two days later – at the studio at Dejvice – she took on Boney M’s tribute to the aforementioned city.

For the details and recording credits…and to play the song, please go to ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Sound’.

I think that there’s a very neat ‘circle’ at work here. Valinka’s first single had been her Jazz-flavoured treatment of Bobby Hebb’s Soul classic, ‘Sunny’, which was, in turn, later covered by Boney M in a Disco style, so I suppose that Valinka covering Boney M’s ‘Belfast’ amounted to a return of that compliment.

Of course, it is also a further demonstration of Valinka’s musical versatility, as her aforementioned Jazz treatment of Soul had itself demonstrated some eight-and-a-half years beforehand – moving from Rock ‘n’ Roll to Disco in only two days!

Finally, ‘Belfast’ was – I clearly recall – one of the very first YouTube videos by Valinka I encountered as I made her acquaintance over Cyberspace back in late August 2015, so that song will forever be something of a ‘nostalgia trip’ back in time for me!


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