Boldog születésnapot, ‘Tikot všech hodin’!

It is something of a mystery what seems to have happened to Valinka’s career in the actual recording studios in the period after her immediately post-album recordings – ‘Je mu pět’ and ‘Pokloň se, lásko’, since there appears to have been a marked dropping-off in the momentum. It is almost as if she ‘knew’ what was going on in my life when it came to the school I was attending and that this was a time largely to re-group and to take a break to pursue other avenues. At any rate, it highlights just what a spectacular year 1973 had been…and the first half of 1974! Although the album – recorded in 1974, but released in 1975 – had presented Valinka with an unforgettable photo-opportunity, as can be seen at ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Pictures’ I cannot help but think that it in some way contributed to this break in momentum – a momentum that was not fully taken back up until as far into the future as 1977.

Giorgio Moroder could claim the distinction of being the only foreign composer to have had more than one example of their oeuvre covered by Valinka. His own ‘Looky, Looky’ had been covered in what became a sort of ‘signature tune’ for Valinka, ‘Léta letí’, way back on 5th December 1970. Now, just over six years later on 3rd January 1977, his ‘Wasted’, originally composed for his muse, Donna Summer, was covered by Valinka as ‘Tikot všech hodin’ (‘Ticking All The Time’). For details and recording credits and to play the song, please go to the ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Sound’ page.

‘Wasted’ never did anything in the UK Charts (not even Top 75!), so it is entirely down to Valinka that I have been introduced to this magnificent tune, that makes one wonder what one has to do to break the UK Top 75 if a tune like this fails to ‘cut it’!

They evidently had better taste in Czechoslovakia!

And I will forever think that – if one wished to choose a tune to get that momentum back up and running – ‘Tikot všech hodin’ was ‘the one’ for Valinka to show that she was still in the game…a game that, time and time again, she would go on winning in that decade.


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