Boldog 40. születésnapot, ‘Tak se pozná dáma’!

Four decades ago to the day, on 10th January 1978 – continuing the theme of covers of originals by classic Disco artists and acts that was, at that time, informing Valinka’s work: ‘Tikot všech hodin’ (‘Ticking All The Time’) – a cover of Donna Summer’s ‘Wasted’ – and Valinka’s covering, under the identical title, of Boney M’s ‘Belfast’- Valinka covered Baccara’s ‘Sorry, I’m A Lady’, as ‘Tak se pozná dáma’ (‘So You Know I’m A Lady’). For details and to play the song please go to ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Sound’. The video comes from ‘Chvíle pro písničku – Valerie Čižmárová’ (‘A Short While Of Song – Valerie Čižmárová’), broadcast later that year on the Feast Day of St. Valérie, 18th April, on which Valinka also performed the aforementioned ‘Tikot všech hodin’.


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