Boldog születésnapot, ‘Správnej hoch’ és ‘Mám už toho dost’!

On this day in 1976 Valinka recorded the aforementioned tracks at Mozarteum – the one of Polish origin, the other of Hungarian – especially fitting, given Valinka’s Hungarian-speaking background – so it’s a very appropriately ‘Hungarian Happy Birthday!’ to those two tracks.

There has been an awful lot on today and I was intending doing a YouTube upload of ‘Správnej hoch’ (I had recorded a video of it), but I think that’ll have to wait until this time next year! It’s something to look forward to for all you ‘Valinkers’ ‘out there’, at any rate. As a Norwich City fan maybe I should have been at the match at Pride Park, in my home city of Derby, for the Derby County – Norwich City match earlier today, but there was some preparation I had to do for this uploading, which was successfully achieved in the case of ‘Mám už toho dost’, including getting sidetracked by various matters like – to keep a sporting theme going – keeping up with the achievements or otherwise of a couple of today’s sporting ‘Girls Of The Golden East’, Slovakia’s Biathlete, Anastasia Kuzminová and the Speed Skater from Valinka’s famous fan, Aleš Korábek’s home town of Žďár nad Sázavou, Martina Sáblíková – in both cases, unfortunately, being a case of ‘otherwise’ 😦 However, looking into what was going on at this time of year in 1976, which, it occurred to me, could have been Winter Olympics time, it was indeed correct that the Innsbruck Games were in progress on 10th February 1976 (a Tuesday) and there was sporting success for Czechoslovakia in the shape of a thumping 7 – 1 victory against Poland in the Ice Hockey, so that would not have been such good news for the Polish composers of the music for ‘Správnej hoch’, therefore!

There might be nothing new sound-wise at ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ regarding ‘Správnej hoch’ today, but I am sure that some very attractive stills of Valinka performing the song on ‘Našich deväť’ will be of interest at ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Pictures’. However, the previously unheard-on-YouTube, ‘Mám už toho dost’ is a new addition and can be found at ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Sound’, together with recording details and credits.

‘Mám už toho dost’ is one of those illustrations that the Soul Girl that Valinka very much was could also turn her very able hand to being a Rock Chick and I suppose that ‘Správnej hoch’ shows Valinka in a relatively unaccustomed Country and Western-flavoured light.

What they both illustrate is that it is a great pity that not more studio recordings of Valinka went on in between the post-album period of the Spring of 1974 and the recording of ‘Tikot všech hodin’ in January 1977, since she was clearly in the form of her life at this time!

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