Boldog 45. születésnapot, ‘Důkaz mi dej’ és ‘Huascarán’!

Referring to this ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ post this time last year on the 44th Anniversary we can now celebrate an anniversary exactly on the half-decade.

Also, referring to this ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ post from the previous month – which reminds me that I missed, of course, the First Anniversary of the founding of ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ on 28th April, before which this specifically Valinka-related post would have appeared in a ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ context – I talked of a prospective Supraphon LP (yes – proper vinyl!) marking the 50th Anniversary of her big year of singles recording (in 2023) and featuring the ‘Lucky Thirteen’ tracks recorded that year.

To match up the numbers, possibly that could be brought forward by half a decade so that Valinka’s great year of 45 R.P.M. recording is marked on the 45th Anniversary thereof, sometime towards the end of this year.

What do ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ readers make of that suggestion?


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