Boldog 45. születésnapot, ‘Dál než nejdál’, ‘Padal déšť’ és ‘Píseň o kraji’!

On this day exactly four-and-a-half decades ago Valinka commenced the recording of her eponymous LP, which was to be released in the subsequent year, so it is a ‘Happy 45th Birthday!’ in Valinka’s native Hungarian to the following fabulous tracks.

The recording session of the day was for ‘Dál než nejdál’ (‘Further Than The Furthest’), ‘Padal déšť’ (‘The Rain Was Falling’) and ‘Píseň o kraji’ (‘Song About The Region’). These can all be played at the ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Sound’ page, where the recording details and credits can be found.

I have previously featured the first and the last of these tracks on ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ and it is on the middle one on which I shall be concentrating today, especially as it maybe could be – as well as ‘Léta letí’ (‘Time Flies’) – some sort of ‘signature tune’, given the bars of the song played near the beginning and towards – and at – the end of the ‘Příběhy slavných – Léta letí’ (‘Stories Of The Famous – Time Flies’) documentary on Czech Television.

Here are the snippets of Vladimír Poštulka’s lyrics from the transcript, together with an ImTranslator translation.

Padal déšť do větví…

Rain fell into branches …

…padal déšť do větví,
chodil tmou po špičkách…

… rain fell into branches,
walked by in the darkness …

Fittingly, I sorted out some seasonally bare twigs from the garden and arranged them in my amber-coloured Czechoslovakian-made glass vase and sprinkled them with water to replicate the fallen rain in branches Valinka references in this song of breathy sophistication, grandeur and glamour, also – since, during the singing of those lyrics in the ‘Léta letí’ documentary, Valinka’s mortality is alluded to – reflecting the immortal cover shot by Vladivoj Burjanek…


…to say nothing of the rear cover shot, also by Vladivoj Burjanek, in which case I – maybe somewhat cheekily! – often think to myself that the emphasis is indeed on the ‘rear’! 😉


Is this one of those ultra-rare cases where the quality of the contents Valinka began to lay down on record forty-five years ago today can, for once, be judged by the cover?

It is also hoped that my three-tweeter, three sub-woofer, one super-woofer hi-fi system fully does justice to the grandeur of ‘Padal déšť’.

After all, glamour and grandeur were what Valinka ‘did’…so well!

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