Boldog születésnapot, ‘Správnej hoch’ és ‘Mám už toho dost’!

I promised, in this ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ Blog post exactly a year ago, that there’d be a YouTube video uploaded on this day to complete the duo of recordings by Valinka on 10th February 1976 – ‘Správnej hoch’ (‘Office Boy’) and ‘Mám už toho dost’ (‘I’ve Already Had Enough Of That’). The latter made it to YouTube on 10th February 2018. Now the former has made it on 10th February 2019!…and can now be enjoyed, together with the recording details and credits, at the ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Sound’ page of ‘Bananas For Breakfast’. The video would have been shot, incidentally, using my now-defunct record player at my old address, since which time quite a lot of water has passed under my personal bridge! I find it almost impossible to believe that the Winter Olympics events alluded to in the aforementioned post were just twelve months ago!

It is rather interesting to note that there was this sporting ‘thing’ going on on this date a year ago, since today has seen the wonderfully-named ‘Old Farm Derby’ between my beloved Norwich City and their deadly rivals, Ipswich Town, ending in a 3-0 scoreline to the Canaries! It is all the more fitting that this date should be so closely identified, in my mind, with the Canaries, since I think Valinka’s stylish checked jacket she wore for her performance of ‘Správnej hoch’ on the TV show, ‘Našich deväť’ has a clear touch of the Canaries about it, as can be seen below in this caught-in-the-moment still where we see a highly seductive look come over in Valinka’s eyes!


Here are Karel Šíp’s lyrics for ‘Správnej hoch’, together with an ImTranslator-based translation.

Pátý den zvoní telefon
A v něm jen brouká ten známý bas
Pátý den stejný basbaryton
Ty můj typ nejsi a ztrácíš čas

On the fifth day the phone rings
And it just hums the familiar bass
The fifth day, the same baritone
You’re not my type and wasting time

Správnej hoch
Má snědou pleť
Máchův Máj zná nazpaměť
Zná tanců pár obstojně
Správnej hoch byl na vojně

Office boy
He has dark skin
Macha’s Maj knows by heart
He knows a few fairly dances
Office boy was in the army

Správnej hoch
Má pevnou dlaň
Vousy jak sám D’Artagnan
Na toho já čekám dál
No čekám dál

Office boy
He has a firm hand
Has D’Artagnan’s beard
The one I keep waiting
Well, keep waiting

Pátý den stejné legrácky
Jsem z nich už málem šílená
Vím, jak jsi světácký
Ty Don Chuany už dávno znám

The fifth day of the same horseplay
I am of those who are almost crazy
I know how you are urbane
You Don Juan had long known

Maybe the ‘Office Boy’ in question had been somewhere in the German Democratic Republic in 1974, when Valinka dropped in on ‘Our Boys in East Germany’! 😉


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