Boldog 45. születésnapot ‘Námořník šel cik cak’ és ‘Šer-chán’ és Boldog születésnapot ‘To je zvyk’ és ‘Návrat uvítám’!

The multi-layered significance of today’s date to the world of ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ is spelled out in this post at ‘Girls Of The Golden East’.

I am also continuing the process of uploading to YouTube, four-and-a-half decades to the day down the line, tracks off Valinka’s eponymous LP from 1975, today with the magnificently (and appropriately!) rambling ‘Námořník šel cik cak’ (‘The Sailor Went Zig-Zag’), complete with a bottle of rum for the drunken sailor in question in the video (sorry it’s nearly empty!) and ‘Šer-chán’ – for which I have had endless difficulty in trying to find a suitable translation into English, but which I think I have finally worked out is the Czech-language rendering of the name of the Bengal Tiger character in ‘The Jungle Book’, Shere Khan – which is another one of those Valinka songs from the Early Mid-1970s with a vibe to it like those swinging 1970s sitcom signature tunes, like ‘Spousta příběhů’ (‘Lots Of Stories’), which was also to the accompaniment of Karel Vlach se svým Orchestrem (Karel Vlach and His Orchestra).

‘Šer-chán’ was, incidentally, used as the background music during a scene in the Moskvanka restaurant at the still-extant Hotel Imperial, Ostrava, very early on in the 1975 crime film ‘Město nic neví’ (‘The City Knows Nothing’). If, indeed, the title is a reference to a ‘Jungle Book’ character, maybe the placing of that song at that juncture was a way of saying to those watching, “welcome to the ‘Urban Jungle’!”

Both ‘Námořník šel cik cak’ and ‘Šer-chán’, together with recording details and credits, are now at the ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Sound’ page of ‘Bananas For Breakfast’.

Quite a date!

I might raise a glass of that rum, to polish it off, to Valinka in ‘Musical Heaven’ later!

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