Boldog 45. születésnapot ‘Proč si to brát’, ‘Démantová zem’ és ‘Byl’s má bój’!

A week down the line from the recordings of ‘Koňskou dráhou’ (‘On The Horse Tram’) and ‘Žokej’ (‘Jockey’) and a day less than a week after the recordings of ‘Námořník šel cik cak’ (‘The Sailor Went Zig-Zag’) and ‘Šer-chán’ (‘Shere Khan’) Valinka was back in action in the recording studio in Dejvice for the recordings of ‘Proč si to brát’ (‘Why Get Married To That’), ‘Démantová zem’ (‘Diamond Earth’) and ‘Byl’s má bój’ (‘You Were My Buoy’) for her eponymous LP of 1975.

These tracks have now had the ‘super-woofer treatment’ on my hi-fi system and can now be enjoyed at ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Sound’, together with the recording details and credits.

I have hitherto been under the impression that the title of ‘Byl’s má bój’ was something to do with a fight, but ‘fight’ is ‘boj’ (without the acute accent over the ‘o’), so I think I have now changed that opinion to being something to do with a ‘buoy’, so, when I have more time, I’ll have to revise the lyrics I have for the song.

Furthermore, I thought I’d do a blow-up of what I think of as Valinka’s ‘Blingy Platforms’, referenced at ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Pictures’, to accompany the ‘Démantová zem’ video, in view of the meaning of the title and in the process of that I became somewhat doubtful about my ‘good story’ about the objects in the heels and soles being crystals. I now think they may well be a sort of ‘Swiss Cheese’ and also may well have been hollow to make them light as air.


Finally, in the ‘Proč si to brát’ video, there are three photos (taken by a photographer unknown to me) of Valinka’s wedding to Dr. Jaromír Langer. I still cannot pretend to keep up with the Czech lyrics as they are sung, but I do wonder, taking into consideration the meaning of the song’s title, if Petr Janda, on accompanying vocals duty, may have been expressing the probable thoughts of much of the general public of Czechoslovakia vis-à-vis Dr. Jaromír Langer – “How did he manage that???”



Oh well! We can all dream!

…and I’ll keep on dreaming that those really were crystals in Valinka’s platforms, even though holes would have been more practical and would have been a built-in air-conditioning system to keep one’s feet cool on the sort of hot, sunny days on which one would wear shoes like that!

If they were holes that would itself be a neat reference to portholes, to keep the nautical theme going…what with sailors and buoys!






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