Boldog 45. születésnapot, ‘Pokloň se, lásko’ és boldog 40. születésnapot, ‘Žádný ptáčník nemá křídla’!

Today marks a double Recording Anniversary on both an exact decade and exact half-decade, for ‘Pokloň se, lásko’ (‘Love, Take A Bow’) from this date in 1974, where Valinka took her bow after the incredible time in her recording career coinciding with my relatively brief passing-through at Herbert Strutt School as it transitioned from being a Grammar School to being a Middle School and, half a decade later, for the bizarrely double-negatively entitled ‘Žádný ptáčník nemá křídla’ (‘No Birdwatcher Has No Wings’), which would be the song that, a decade after her being introduced to the Bratislavská Lýra crowd as a seventeen-year-old and half-a-dozen years after narrowly missing out on a ‘podium finish’ at the Bratislavská Lýra with Petra Černocká’s ‘Koukej, se mnou si píseň broukej’ (‘Look, Hum The Song With Me’), would bring Valinka her more-than-justified reward of an actual ‘podium finish’, winning the Bronze Lyre of the Bratislavská Lýra of 1979.

So, by way of a re-post of a re-post, I will (indirectly) refer the ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ reader to one of the first ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ posts shortly after I’d decided to start a separate Blog from ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ some two years ago, after having become increasingly uncomfortable that so much of ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ was being devoted to Valinka.

Sadly, the end of the 1970s was very much a time of fading power for Valinka and we weren’t so many years away, by then, from the way-premature end of her recording career, with event after event seeming to conspire against her in this respect, so perhaps – to keep that ornithological theme going – ‘Žádný ptáčník nemá křídla’ was a magnificent swan song to Valinka’s glory years in the recording studios.

Never mind, the song bird had flown a long way in the ten years from seventeen…


…to twenty-seven…


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