Boldog születésnapot, ‘Důkaz mi dej’ és ‘Huascarán’!

Famously, in an article in the ‘Melodie’ magazine, it was remarked that Věra Špinarová might have been glad that, unlike her near sound-alike and junior by just over a month, Valérie Čižmárová, she had regular accompanists – in the shape of Ivo Pavlík’s band – and a tighter professional support network, enabling a more prolific recording career than was possible for Valinka, but, of any voice that was around at the time in Czechoslovakia it was Valinka’s that she would have loved to emulate…

…as set out in this ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ post from two years ago.

For Valinka’s recording sessions at Mozarteum of 4th May, 9th July and 24th September 1973 we had an almost painfully short glimpse into the possibilities an ‘answer’ to Ivo Pavlík’s band could have opened up for her as, forty-six years ago to the day, her ‘residence’ with Skupina Svatopluka Čecha (The Svatopluk Čech Group) opened with the recordings of  ‘Důkaz mi dej’ (‘Prove It To Me’) and ‘Huascarán’.


Valinka with Skupina Svatopluka Čecha


Valinka at a recording session at Mozarteum

To get a feel for how spectacular that just-less-than-five-months collaboration was just go to the ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Sound’ page of ‘Bananas For Breakfast.

For a time, Věra Špinarová and Ivo Pavlík were married to each other as well as having worked with each other.

I am sure that I once encountered some information on the Web indicating that Valinka’s future partner, the saxophonist, Pavel Kondelík – after her marriage with Dr Jaromír Langer had broken down – was in Skupina Svatopluka Čecha. If so, that would be he third from the left in the photo of the group with Valinka.

Although I am (still!) not absolutely 100% sure that it had been 1972 when that in-the-end ill-fated marriage had begun – Dr Langer seemingly erroneously thinking that being married to a Pop singer somehow magically bestowed him with the knowledge to be Valinka’s Manager, with all-too-predictable consequences! – it seems a pity to me that, if there was a ‘spark’ between Valinka and Pavel already back in 1973, she couldn’t have waited a year for a suitable husband.

It might have brought Valinka a win/win situation of more personal happiness and more professional success – I imagine that Pavel’s knowledge of the music ‘biz’ would have trumped Jaromír’s! – had it cemented that musical partnership.

We’ll never get to know.

All we ‘know’ is this – Valinka + Skupina Svatopluka Čecha = sheer brilliance!


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