Boldog születésnapot, ‘To je léto’ és ‘Synu můj’!

On 25th May 1972, at Čs. rozhlas (Czechoslovak Radio), Prague, Valinka recorded the dramatically contrasting tracks ‘To je léto’ (‘It’s Summer’) and ‘Synu můj’ (‘Son Of Mine’), the latter being a cover of Paul McCartney’s song for Wings, ‘Give Ireland Back To The Irish’, so it’s a ‘Happy (forty-seventh) Birthday!’ to those two recordings today.

Given the fact that the weather here is currently very agreable (although it appears it will break up over the next few hours!) I have taken the opportunity to transport my DIY mega hi-fi set-up outdoors to make an appropriately Summery YouTube video of the two songs and the results are now at ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Sound’, with the recording details and credits.

I have also reviewed this previous ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ post to embed the videos that I shot today and to make it entirely clear that ‘Synu můj’ can indeed be embedded now…and, after today,  I have my very own version to do so!

Referring to the sentiments of Michael Prostějovský’s lyrics for ‘Synu můj’, as alluded to in that post, I am getting better and better at actually following lyrics in Czech as they are sung and there is much talk in those lyrics of countries wanting to be free and of young people dying in the cause of that freedom, which might have been strong stuff in the Czechoslovakia of the ‘Normalizace’ Era. It isn’t overtly referred to, but maybe some sort of comment on the then-current state of affairs in the country was being attempted, in an admittedly tacit way – so tacit that it didn’t fall foul of any censorship.

I also thought it would be fitting to have the stunning ‘Sunshine Girl’ photo of Valinka that I use as the ‘Featured Image’ at ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Pictures’ and one of Valinka in a bikini with her mother for the ‘To je léto’ video and one of Valinka in emerald green polka-dots for the ‘Synu můj’ video, being as it was a cover of ‘Give Ireland Back To The Irish’!



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