Boldog 50. születésnapot, ‘Sunny’ és ‘Čekám’!

Half-a-century ago to the day, on 26th May 1969, Valinka’s recording career kicked off with ‘Sunny’ and ‘Čekám’ (‘I Am Waiting’), so it’s a ‘Happy (fiftieth) Birthday!’ to those two recordings!

I think I said more or less all there can be said about this sensational beginning for a singer still aged just seventeen years and still just less than four months of age in this ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ Blog post from two years ago, but I can add the following:

…to “gramofoman gramofoman”‘s YouTube video of ‘Sunny’ and “591010710”‘s (Aleš Korábek’s) YouTube video of ‘Čekám’ I can now add my own respective versions, shot on the 50th Anniversary, which are now at ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Sound’, with both being accompanied by André Černoušek’s (design) and Petr Polák’s (photography) on the front of the sleeve and the former being accompanied by (At Left) Valinka performing ‘Sunny’ on ‘Mladá píseň’, Jihlava (1968) (screen capture) and M. Borodáčová’s photograph of Valinka singing ‘Sunny’ at the Bratislavská Lýra on 18th June 1969 and the latter being accompanied by some screen captures of Valinka performing ‘Čekám’ – in very ‘Good Old Days’ style, waiting (as in the song’s title) at the horse tram stop, reflecting her later memorable album track, ‘Koňskou dráhou’! – on ‘Rajský ostrov’ (‘Paradise Island’) from 1970.

One would never tire of Petr Polák’s mesmerising shot of Valinka on the cover, so here it is below as well as being the ‘Featured Image’ above, if one is reading this post in stand-alone fashion.


We’ve been ‘waiting’ for it and now the ‘Whirlwind from the East’ has arrived!

The outlook is as stormy as it is ‘sunny’, judging by those business-meaning eyes!

The Seventies could be quite a ride with this one!

Strap yourselves in, everybody!

…and GO!!!

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