Boldog születésnapot, ‘Pojď jen dál’ és ‘Sbohem, školní bráno’!

A Valinka Recording Anniversary is always a very special day at ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ and it is even more so when it involves the great year of 1973 and, furthermore, it is that combination that comes about today on the 48th Anniversaries of the recordings of ‘Pojď jen dál’ (‘Just Come On’) and ‘Sbohem, školní bráno’ (‘Farewell, School Gate’).

I still cannot improve on what I wrote now three years ago on an on-the-half-decade Recording Anniversary, since I was very pleased with those remarks that capture perfectly my sentiments regarding these two outstanding contributions to Valinka’s recorded music repertoire, so, as ever, please go over to the ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Sound’ page of ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ to play these songs off my own copy of the record and to obtain the recording details and credits.

Hoping that ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ readers enjoy the second 1973 Anniversary, after ‘Tak měj mě rád’ (‘So Just Love Me’)/‘Mít aero a létat’ (‘To Have A Plane And To Fly’).

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