Boldog születésnapot ‘Námořník šel cik cak’ és ‘Šer-chán’ és Boldog születésnapot ‘To je zvyk’ és ‘Návrat uvítám’!

Here on the Recording Anniversaries of ‘Námořník šel cik cak’ (‘The Sailor Went Zig-Zag’) and ‘Šer-chán’(‘Shere Khan’) in 1974 and ‘To je zvyk’ (‘It’s Habit’) and ‘Návrat uvítám’ (‘I Welcome Your Return’) in 1977 and on the occasion of the Sixteenth Anniversary of Valinka’s untimely passing on there is going to be a bit of a change from the ‘habit’ inasmuch as today also happens to be the Half-decade Anniversary of my first entire day in Slovakia, which was marked by three E-Mails on the evening of that day – after I’d arrived at Room No. 901 at the Hotel Družba, in Valinka’s home town of Michalovce – to my older brother which I later converted to Blog posts at the ‘sister Blog’ to ‘Bananas For Breakfast’, ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ when that later fully got up and running – here, here and here.

If ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ readers check out my YouTube Channel (please see the last of the four buttons in the Blog header above) they will see that I’ve marked this notable anniversary by a special uploading earlier today of the videos I took on that day on board the R 605 ‘Dargov’ from Bratislava hlavná stanica to Košice, one at Košice station of the REX 909 ‘Laborec’ waiting to depart, one of the REX 909 ‘Laborec’ pulling out of Košice station and one of Valinka’s then-favourite of mine, ‘Koňskou dráhou’ (‘On The Horse Tram’) playing on the laptop with which I am composing this post in my room at the Hotel Družba that evening.

Since that’s a ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ special here it is embedded for readers’ listening and viewing pleasure.

When I took Valinka back home for the first time

To play the songs that were recorded respectively forty-seven and forty-four years ago today and to get the details on the recording credits and recording venues please go to the ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Sound’ page of ‘Bananas For Breakfast’.

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