Boldog születésnapot, ‘Směs písní’!

I said this time last year that there’d be a more extensive ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ Blog post this year to celebrate the Forty-Seventh ‘Birthday’ of the medley of ‘Oldies’ that start off Valinka’s eponymous album on account of the fact that, at that time, I was under the limitations of being on a psychiatric ward and it was a case of if and when I’d grab enough battery time to get together a post. Well, it would appear that I’m under a whole load of new limitations since the aforesaid battery is apparently in very poor health at the moment, meaning that, last night, I had to do a ‘re-blog’, on my mobile phone, ‘Valinka’, of a post from 2019 to celebrate the Forty-Seventh ‘Birthdays’ of ‘Byl’s má boj’ (‘You Were My Buoy’), ‘Démantová zem’ (‘Diamond Earth’) and ‘Proč si to brát’ (‘Why Get Married To That’) meaning that it was mistakenly entitled the Forty-Fifth ‘Birthdays’ thereof!

There was a message earlier today from Hermes – “other parcel delivery services are available”, as they say! – saying that I should have been expecting a new laptop battery this afternoon, but unfortunately that hasn’t arrived, there being a subsequent message from Hermes that it will be expected tomorrow instead.

All this computer going nearly dead is all a bit of an unwanted distraction, but I’ll endeavour to get together something meaningful, even, also, in the context of this track not exactly being a personal favourite inasmuch as it is my (humble!) opinion that that swathe of vinyl could have been better-filled with a completely fresh and new track, such as the one that was recorded on the same day as my eternal favourite track, ‘Koňskou dráhou’ (‘On The Horse Tram’) – the 6th March 1974 – ‘Žokej’ (‘Jockey’), which was kept behind for a couple of years or so to fill in a 45 RPM. It would also have neatly fitted an equestrian theme, I happen to think and it is a constant mystery why it happened like that with that track.

Maybe the explanation is that, after having deputised for Petra Černocká with ‘Koukej, se mnou si píseň broukej’ (‘Look, Hum The Song With Me’) at the Bratislavská Lýra of the preceding year, there was a feeling that there had to be something vinyl-based as a permanent record of that event and ‘shoe-horning’ it in amongst a medley of some of the more notable songs having been recorded by Valinka was the best way of doing this. Would it have been considered tantamount to parking Valinka’s tanks on Petruška’s lawn – although mention of tanks is rather a touchy subject in the history of Czechoslovakia! – if Valinka had herself brought out her own single version of the song, I wonder, since that would have been a more satisfactory way of committing it to vinyl, again in my own (still humble!) opinion?

At any rate, I’ll let ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ Blog readers decide for themselves by dropping by the ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Sound’ page, also for the details on composition and performance.

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