Boldog születésnapot, ‘Důkaz mi dej’ és ‘Huascarán’!

It’s always something worthy of note to me, when regarding how Valinka’s Recording Anniversaries are separated, how, in a few instances, there is a ‘minus-one-day’ factor in play – the respective Recording Anniversaries of ‘Tak měj mě rád’ (‘So Just Love Me’)/‘Mít aero a létat’ (‘To Have A Plane And To Fly’) (9th January 1973) and ‘Pojď jen dál’ (‘Just Come On’)/‘Sbohem, školní bráno’ (‘Farewell, School Gate’) (8th February 1973) being separated by a month, minus one day, the respective Recording Anniversaries of ‘Tikot všech hodin’ (‘Ticking All The Time’) (3rd January 1977) and ‘Belfast’ (2nd January 1978) being separated by a year, minus one day and finally, the Recording Anniversary which I am celebrating today, that of ‘Důkaz mi dej’ (‘Prove It To Me’)/’Huascarán’ (4th May 1973) coming a year, minus one day, before that of ‘Pokloň se, lásko’ (‘Love, Take A Bow’) (3rd May 1974), thus making these particular Recording Anniversaries very easy to remember….and, being one from the great year of Valinka’s singles recording, something pretty memorable in itself, if only for the wildly contrasting nature of the two songs, certainly considering that the one had its origins in The Archies’ ‘Who’s Your Baby’ and the other had its origins in the Ancash Earthquake disaster of 31st May 1970.

If ‘Bananas For Breakfast’ Blog readers take a trip over to the ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Sound’ page of the Blog, where there’ll be the recording details and credits, I’m sure they’ll agree that this year-minus-one-day period between ‘Důkaz mi dej’/’Huascarán’ and ‘Pokloň se, lásko’ – from one Summer Term of my two academic years at Herbert Strutt School to the other – was marked by some fairly impressive music-making by Valinka and her various composers, lyricists and accompanists, taking us on a trip through the spectacular days with Skupina Svatopluka Čecha (The Svatopluk Čech Group) at Mozarteum to the equally spectacular days with Karel Vlach se svým orchestrem (Karel Vlach and his Orchestra), variously at Čs. televize (Czechoslovak Television) and Dejvice and ending up back in Prague, at Čs. rozhlas (Czechoslovak Radio) this time, via a short excursion to Čs. rozhlas in Brno.

I hope you enjoy the journey…in fact, I’m sure you will!

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