Valérie Čižmárová: 29.01.1952 – 7.03.2005

‘Bananas For Breakfast’ is going to tell the incredible tale of a life in showbiz of the little girl from a linguistic minority beyond the Former Iron Curtain, born on the very edge of her nation, in a town like Michalovce, in between this…


…and this…


…and began like this, on ‘Talent 68’.

If you have just fifty-three years on Planet Earth and you come from a place like that it might be a nice thought that you are going to end up capturing the heart of a total stranger from somewhere in the middle of the UK – who, at the time of writing, still only has a very basic outline knowledge of the language you grew up speaking and is still only really a beginner, from the writing and speaking point of view, in the language in which you performed most of your repertoire  – and to have them visit both your birthplace and your grave and to have them going down on their knees to kiss the very ground on which you stood.

Valérie (‘Valinka’) Čižmárová pulled off that remarkable achievement.